Frequently asked questions about facial skin resurfacing

v       How does it work? Our Luxar NovaPulse® CO2 laser with NovaScan® produces pulses of infrared light lasting only thousandths of a second each. These pulses vaporize micro-thin layers of skin without charring it. By successively treating and wiping the skin we can assess our laser peeling as it smoothes, tightens and clears the skin. As the new outer layer of skin grows, the body's natural healing mechanism stimulates new collagen formation. The result is smoother, healthier looking skin with a natural, youthful glow and fewer wrinkles and scars.


v   What parts of my face can you resurface? Any part of the face can be resurfaced. Most patients want full face, peri-oral (around the mouth), or peri-orbital ( around the eyes) resurfacing; or treatment of traumatic or acne scars.


v    Am I awake during the procedure? For small procedures you are fully awake; we can give you a mild, oral sedative to relax you, if you wish.  For full face resurfacing our board-certified anesthesiologist will give you IV sedation. This relaxes you while we inject the local anesthetic; allows you to be awake without pain during the procedure; and leaves you with little or no memory of the procedure. Such monitored conscious sedation is commonly used for out-patient surgeries.


v    Does it hurt? No. Discomfort is usually minor both during the procedure and throughout your recovery phase. 


v    Where is the procedure performed? In-office at the Dermatology Laser Center of San Antonio™ . We have equipment (pulse oximeter, blood pressure, EKG, suction, etc.) for the anesthesiologist to use as necessary.  You will be at our office generally from 1 to 3 hours depending on the sites treated.


v     Will I be uncomfortable afterwards? Usually not.  We instruct you on keeping your face moist and pain-free during the post-op period.  It is important to follow the printed aftercare instructions. This will minimize your risk for infection and ensure the shortest healing time.  


v When can I go back to work? How long will I be red? You will have new surface skin in 7 to 10 days. Redness after that can be covered by a special tinted make-up. In 30 to 60 days most redness is gone. Your new skin will be very sensitive to ultra-violet light and you must avoid sun exposure until fully healed. You need to cover your skin, wear a hat and use a good sun screen if your have to go outdoors.


v     What about skin color and resurfacing? People with light and medium complexions are the best candidates. Darker complexions require greater caution to prevent temporary darkening (hyperpigmentation) afterwards. We may use our Erbium:yag laser for patients with darker skin.


v     How much improvement will I get? Most patients see between 50 and 80% improvement in wrinkles, coloring and scars. When done for aging skin it typically makes someone look like they did 10 to 15 years earlier.


v     How long does it last? With good skin care (sunscreens, skin-care products, moderation in sun-exposure, etc.) improvement will last for years. Remember: the clock starts again after your procedure – do your best to preserve your improvement!


v    What does it cost; will insurance cover it? The one-time initial consultation fee is $75. Treatment fees range from $350 for very small areas to $5,200 (inclusive of anesthesiologist, supplies and follow-up visits) for full-face.   A deposit is required when you schedule your procedure with the balance due 5 days prior to the procedure. Fees are subject to change and not reimbursable by insurance.


How do I get started?  Contact our office and schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Davis to discuss your specific needs. He will address your concerns, answer your questions, and recommend the best treatment option for you.   Before and after photos of satisfied patients are available, to show you the beautiful skin that is possible, no matter what your age or skin condition may be.


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