Kybella  Chin up!

Hate your double chin? Have you tried everything from diet to exercise but can seem to make this stubborn problem go away? Would you rather avoid surgery or invasive liposuction? There is an exciting new in-office procedure which can help patients with this nagging problem.

Kybella (formerly known as ATX 101*) is an injectable drug that permanently dissolves submental fat (fat under the chin) without surgery, liposuction or downtime.

  • Kythera is a noninvasive, in-office procedure that takes just a few minutes

  • Patients can walk out without wearing a bandage and return to their activities   

  • Drug destroys membranes of fat cells, causing them to burst and permanently disappear

  • Side effects include bruising at the injection site, short-term swelling, and numbness

  • For more information about Kybellaclick here>>>>

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*Dr. Steven Davis was Principal Investigator for ATX 101. 


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