Our COVID-19 Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic our top priority is safety for our patients and staff.  We will see patients with “essential” problems in the office and recommend telemedicine conferences for all non-urgent dermatology and cosmetic concerns.

All of us at the Dermatology & Laser Center of San Antonio are committed to continue providing quality care during both Mayor’s Stay-at-Home order is lifted and we feel it is truly safe to generally re-open our office.  

“Essential” Visits

“Essential” may include skin cancer, patients on “biologics” for psoriasis and eczema, skin infections and abscesses, and other conditions likely to have significant adverse impact if not untreated.

To contact us and for more information about “essential” problems which may merit an in-office visit please click below.

Non-Urgent and Cosmetic Concerns

For non-urgent and cosmetic concerns — Telemedicine is proving to be a good way to evaluate our patients needs, both medical and cosmetic, and provide treatment when possible. For details about telemedicine, including set-up and insurance coverage, and to set up an appointment please click the button below. 

Above all, if you have any ongoing skin problems or new concern,  please click below so we can efficiently respond to your questions and provide you with a telemedicine or in-office appointment as your need and safety requires. Of course, also feel free to call us at (210) 614-3355.