Dermatology Care for Adults and Children

Our clinic has been treating skin diseases — common and rare — for almost 40 years. We love our patients and want to provide the best and most advanced care possible for a large array of skin disorders.

  • Acne — in adolescents and adults
  • Eczema (dermatitis) — mild to severe with many causes
  • Moles, bumps and benign growths — to keep or treat?
  • Warts, both common and concerning
  • Infections — viral, fungal, bacterial

  • And a host of other skin disorders

Skin Cancer Surgery and Prevention

Our San Antonio and south Texas regional practice services the needs of a great many adults with precancerous and skin cancer challenges. The treatment options continue to expand and we strive to fit the treatment to each patient’s needs within the context of their overall health. When it comes to treating skin cancers and their precursors one size certainly does not fit all!

  • Routine and advanced treatment for precancerous keratoses

  • Diagnosing skin cancer

  • Skin cancer treatment plans — surgical and alternative and other treatments tailored to the individual patient

  • Guiding patients in preventing skin cancer

  • In-office, complex surgery for skin cancer with same day pathology control

  • Before and afters of skin cancer operations

Special surgical procedures

We have broad experience in dermatologic surgery as it evolves and advances. However routine a procedure may be for us, we never forget it may not be routine for you — and your skin deserves the best of our techniques and effort.

  • Removing moles, large and small
  • Surgery for cutaneous abscess and infected cysts
  • Excising common benign growths — cysts, lipomas, and others
  • Elective treatment of common skin tags and seborrheic keratoses

More Youthful Skin: Botox, Fillers and more

  • BOTOX Cosmetic
  • Radiesse

  • Sculptra Aesthetic

  • Voluma – Volbella and Vollure, and more…

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