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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Treatments

Easy And Effective

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a great way to reduce your unsightly facial veins and brown spots. IPL is versatile and can also help reduce discoloration on hands, arms, legs, neck, chest and back for both men and women. We perform IPL treatments with our Palomar Starlux IPL daily, often the same day as your consultation. Here are some frequently asked questions about IPL treatments in our clinic.

What is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)?

Our Palomar Starlux IPL device emits very short bursts (pulses) of intense, filtered, full-spectrum (non-laser) light into the skin’s upper layers without disrupting its surface. The energy from IPL is absorbed by skin conditions that are red and brown, so it’s very useful in treating vascular and pigmented conditions.

Does IPL hurt?

It does sting a bit, sometimes compared to the “snap of a rubber band” against your skin. To ease the discomfort we use a cooled “Sapphire” lens and offer blown cold air from a medical Zimmer cooler. Overall, the great majority of patients tolerate the treatments well and return for additional treatment when needed.

What conditions can be treated?

  • Age, Sun or “Liver” Spots on the face, hands, arms, neck, chest and back
  • Vascular Birthmarks/”Port Wine Stains”
  • Birthmarks
  • Some types of Hyperpigmentation
  • Redness or mottled pigmentation on the neck (poikiloderma)

How many treatments will I need?

IPL treatments at the Dermatology & Laser Center of San Antonio are tailored to individual patient needs Reaching your optimal benefit may take one or several treatments, typically spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart.

What should I expect after treatment – will I have any “down time”?

Your face will normally look red when you leave the office and returns to normal in a few hours to a day. If we are treating your brown spots they may turn gray or darker brown for a few days before peeling away.

How much does an IPL treatment cost?

The cost for our treatments vary depending on which areas we treat. Single treatments for various areas – nose, cheeks, full face, neck, hands, arms, neck, etc. – typically range from $300 to $700. We will give you an estimate of how many treatments you may need and at what cost so there are no surprises!

Want to see if IPL is right for you?

Call our office at 210.614.3355 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Davis or one our Physician Assistants. They will address your specific concerns, answer your questions, recommend the best treatment option for you and estimate what it will cost.

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