Laser Scar Removal

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Laser Scar Removal

Lasers used by dermatologists today play a special role in reducing the appearance of many kinds of scars.  There are many different types of scars and different lasers which can help treat them.  Scars are sometimes characterized as “rolling, boxcar, ice-pick, stellate, hypertrophic, atrophic and keloidal.”  In our clinic we use three kinds of ablative lasers: fully ablative CO, fractional CO2, and fully ablative ERbium:Yag to improve the appearance of scars on the face and elsewhere.  “Ablative” in this context means that these lasers actually remove and smooth the uppermost layers of skin. 

We have been using lasers to improve scars for 30 years and over time have incorporated special additional procedures. Fo example, surgical scar repair and subcision, use of injected corticosteroids or other scar fighting agents — to boost the overall effectiveness and final result.

You can call us for a consult. We will do our best to fully evaluate your options, fairly estimate how much improvement you will get, and what the costs of this/these treatments will be.

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