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Referring a Patient

Our top priority is ensuring your patient is well taken care of. That means when you refer a patient, we bring them in quickly, seamlessly, and treating them the way you’d treat them yourself.


The Dermatology and Laser Center of San Antonio offers a comprehensive set of services to treat conditions of the skin, hair, and nails for both adults and children.  Leaning on experience and expertise with a variety of common and rare dermatological conditions, as well as advanced cosmetic dermatology, our board-certified dermatologists, experienced, certified PAs, and radiation therapist, take pride in treating each patient with respect and providing quality care.

Services and Treatment

We offer a suite of advanced techniques and equipment, which allows us both to diagnose and treat most skin diseases in the convenience of our office.  Some examples are our UVB machine for phototherapy treatment of psoriasis and eczema, a state of the art superficial radiation machine to for non-invasive treatment of selected non-melanoma skin cancers in as few as 10 visits, same-day, frozen-section controlled skin cancer surgeries, variety of light-based devices – intense pulsed light, lasers and Blu-u light –  for both cosmetic and therapeutic uses.  In addition, we incorporate the use of biologics and newer targeted agents for psoriasis, eczema and pre-cancerous conditions.  Beyond our office, we work with board-certified dermatopathologists, fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons, surgical oncologists and other consultants to ensure patients get the best expertise available in their continuity of care.


Accessibility, friendliness, and convenience are extremely important to us, and we’ve taken great effort to support patients from different backgrounds with a bilingual staff of both front and back office assistants.  We offer Spanish language translations of our patient forms as well.  In addition, this year we have added provider capacity to ensure patients can get in to see a specialist quickly.  We accept almost all commercial health plans, both PPOs and HMOs. Moreover, we provide reasonable fees for patients who are self-pay.

Clinical Trials

Finally, In addition to our services and treatments, we also have a long history as a clinical research site.  We are proud that medications we tested over the last 3 decades are now approved to treat psoriasis, skin cancer, eczema and a host of other important dermatological conditions.   Performing clinical trials gives us early exposure to cutting-edge treatments, and can sometimes provide options for patients with difficult-to-treat conditions or no insurance to receive early access to new medications.

Common Dermatology Diagnoses and Minor Procedure Codes

There are many times when, upon evaluating a patient, it would be helpful to perform a biopsy or another routine procedure. Therefore, when referring a patient with an HMO plan, we kindly ask that you include some authorizations for standard, minor procedures, which are frequently associated with the evaluation and management of those conditions. This will enable us to do the biopsy on the spot, without having to contact your office to update the referral.

DiagnosisICD-10Minor Procedure Codes
Skin Lesions and RashesD48.5 and R21Skin Biopsies
Actinic Keratosis (Pre-Malignant)L57.0Cryodestruction/Liquid Nitrogen
17000, 17003, 17004, 17110, 17111
Benign Keratotic (e.g. Veruca)A51.31, L82.0, B07.9, A63.0Cryodestruction/Liquid Nitrogen
17110, 17111

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Medical Dermatology

Skin Cancer Treatment

Cosmetic Dermatology