Skin Cancer Surgery,
Treatment, and Prevention

Our Skin Cancer Services

Our San Antonio and south Texas regional practice services the needs of a great many adults with precancerous and skin cancer challenges.

The treatment options continue to expand and we strive to fit the treatment to each patient’s needs within the context of their overall health. When it comes to treating skin cancers and their precursors one size certainly does not fit all!

Skin Cancer Surgery and Prevention

Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) for Skin Cancer

We now offer in-office, FDA approved SRT as a safe, non-surgical treatment for selected patients with non-melanoma skin cancers.  Our own XStrahl Radiant unit delivers quick, painless superficial treatments and cosmetically good results. 

In-office, Complex Surgery

For skin cancer with same day pathology control

Routine and advanced treatment for precancerous keratoses

Dr. Davis and staff have done clinical testing and treatment with an expanding menu of range of options — Routine and advanced treatment for precancerous keratoses

Diagnosing Skin Cancer

Time-honored,  non-invasive way to reduce brown (“liver”) spots on the face, hands, chest and fine blood vessels on the face.

Skin Cancer Treatment Plans

more ways than ever — with and without surgery — to treat skin cancers in our office. Tailored to the needs of the individual patient.

Guiding Patients

We guide our patients in preventing skin cancer.