PA Stephanie Kaiser performing a skin exam at The Dermatology and Laser Center of San Antonio

Skin Exams San Antonio

As dermatologists, we are skin specialists, and offer skin exams in San Antonio. Let us check your skin and screen you for skin cancer and harmful lesions.

Overview of Skin Exams

Moles are one of the most common benign growths of the skin. Nearly everyone has at least a few moles, and the vast majority of these never cause people any harm whatsoever. Melanoma, however, is an aggressive skin cancer derived from the same type of cell that makes up moles. These can be very difficult to tell apart without proper training. Luckily, as with other skin cancers, if a melanoma is caught early, then it can usually be removed and treated in the office. Skin checks and mole checks are especially important for people with fair skin, people with relatives who have had melanoma, or people with lots of moles. We can take care of your skin needs with skin checks, mole checks, mole removal, and more.

Skin cancer is very common, especially among people with lighter skin who have had a lot of sun exposure over their lives. The most common skin cancer is Basal Cell Carcinoma, followed by Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Precancerous lesions are even more common, often forming years before skin cancers form. There are also common benign growths of the skin that form around the same time that either precancerous lesions or skin cancers form. It is very difficult to differentiate these lesions from one another without proper expertise.

photo of Dr. Davis examining a patient

Why See Us For Your Skin Exams?

As dermatologists, we are skin specialists; let us check your skin, and screen you for harmful lesions. The good news is that usually, as long as skin cancers are caught early, they can be taken care of with minimal treatment, including small office based surgeries under local anesthesia (we do not put you to sleep), topical chemotherapy creams, or radiation therapy.

Does Insurance Cover Skin Exams?

Yes. Most insurance plans consider this a medical visit and cover treatment. As always, insurance is subject to deductibles and co-pays.  When you call for an appointment we can tell you if we take your insurance. We do take most insurances, however.

Do You See Private-Pay Patients for Skin Exams?

Yes. We are happy to see patients without insurance and we charge them what insurance companies normally “allow”.  So, if you’re a cash patient, you are not penalized by paying a retail rate far above what we expect to receive from a health insurance plan.