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Skin Tag Removal San Antonio

Do we remove skin tags?  It’s a question frequently asked by our patients, and the answer is “All the time!”

Overview of Skin Tags

Tiny to floppy, usually flesh-colored, and often pesky.  They are very common around the collar and neck of adults; also under the arms, in the groin, sometimes under the female breast.  The they are “squamous papillomas” or “acrochordons” – but most of us know them, simply as skin tags. And they are harmless.

Photo of PA Amanda Palmer and MA Melissa at The Dermatology and Laser Center of San Antonio

Why See Us For Your Skin Tags?

Because we are happy to remove them for you as a cosmetic visit, or an add-on to your medical/surgical dermatology appointment.  And we do our best to make it comfortable and affordable.

Skin Tag FAQs

Photo of Dr. Davis, PA Amanda, and MA Melissa at the Dermatology and Laser Center of San Antonio

Does Insurance Cover Skin Tag Removal?

Since true skin tags are harmless we don’t submit fees for their removal to insurance companies.  Even when patients are bothered by how they hang up on clothing or jewelry, or feel they are uncomfortable we still treat them as ‘elective” or “cosmetic” and don’t try to send them through your health insurance.