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Treatment For Spider Veins

Treatments For Spider Veins

At the Dermatology and Laser Center of San Antonio

“How do I get rid of my stupid Spider Veins?”

– Anonymous

Well, maybe you really didn’t say that — but were you thinking it? After all, you may have great looking legs — or at least good looking legs and you just don’t want those fine leg veins to stand out. Fortunately, we have treatments for spider veins right here in San Antonio to fit your needs and budget.

Despite the allure of “laser treatment for leg veins” — and we were among the first nationally to offer such “laser” treatments, — we still rely on a steady, standard treatment that works well and is very cost effective: Sclerotherapy.

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About Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a time-honored way to eliminate spider veins. We take very thin, fine needles 30, 31 and 32 gauge for those technically savvy) and insert them into the individual veins. Then we slowly inject small amounts of a sterile saline-anesthetic combo and watch the blood get flushed out of one or more connected veins.

“Sclero” means scar, but don’t be frightened off by this. “Scar” in this context is simply a narrowing in the tiny tunnel that makes up your fine leg veins to the point that blood flow through those “spider veins” stops. No blood flow — no visible veins. A simple concept, but one quite achievable in our office for the great majority of women (and men) who we treat with sclerotherapy.

Does it hurt when you do sclerotherapy on me?

Not as much as you might think, in fact we get very few complaints since we started buffering our hypertonic saline with a little bit of anesthetic.  This stings only a little going in (the needles are really tiny) and patients don’t get the kind cramping pain we used to see when we injected saline straight up in the past.

How much does Sclerotherapy cost?

Our patients think it’s quite affordable, and the cost is certainly less than when we or others use lasers or Intense Pulsed Light (“IPL”) to treat those same veins.  A good result with Sclerotherapy for spider veins may be had in the $300 to $400 range with a single treatment covering various parts of the legs; if you have lots of spider veins the costs go up, again in the hundreds (not thousands) of dollars.
We don’t give prices on our web site because every patient is different and we don’t want to tell you one thing on line and then surprise you with something else when we see you in the office.  Please give us a call, though and our friendly staff will help you set up an appointment.

What sclerotherapy product do you inject?

Good question, and one that shows you’re going your homework! Yes — there are several approved injectable products out there and they all have their niches in our trade. And some may tend to be less painful or potentially more effective than others. But — they can also be more expensive to use and remember: no effective drug is totally without potential side effects.
Our answer then — is hypertonic saline. It’s sterile, hospital grade salt solution that’s concentrated enough to cause the linings of tiny veins into which it’s injected to swell, slough, and produce tinyinisible micro-scars that simply shut down blood flow through those “Spider veins” forever.

Do my spider veins disappear immediately and forever?

Immediately? No. They disappear briefly when the saline flushes the arcade of visible veins, and then blood flow returns. But over the next few weeks those imperceptibly damaged veins shut down and blood flow through them ceases forever.

Will my spider veins that disappear come back?

NO — the veins that disappear can’t come back, But, of course, most people who have spider veins tend to get new ones over time. IF you knock them down you’ll have a good result; might look like you are “cured”. But having spider veins isn’t a disease; it’s a characteristic shared by countless millions irrespective of race, sex, size, weight, activity or age.
Our treatment, then is not a lifetime warranty for disappearance of spider veins — but most patients get a good result and are happy we treated them!

What if “sclero” doesn’t work on me — or my veins are too tiny to treat with your fine-needle injections?

We do have a laser and IPL device to treat very fine spider veins in selected patients. Feel free to ask us about it. We’ve used these devices hundreds of times int the past. But for most patients we just find that sclerotherapy is straightforward, reliable, and very cost-effective. Bottom line: we won’t try to sell you a high-tech, more expensive treatment (lasers or IPL) when sclerotherapy with hypertonic saline is such a successful and affordable choice.

I’m interested, what do I do next?

Contact our office and schedule a consultation. Dr. Davis will listen to your concerns, answer your question and discuss your treatment options.