A great way for us to take care of you. Telemedicine visits with us, which are covered by most insurances, are an easy, effective, and HIPAA compliant way to take care of anything from prescription refills, to general dermatological and cosmetic consultations.

What Telemedicine Is

Have an appointment with your provider as a video call from the comfort of your home

Examples of Telemedicine Visits

Cosmetic Consultations
Concerning Spots or Lesions
Many other Dermatology Needs
How does it work

We’ll just go through these 3 easy steps


Make The Appointment

Either schedule an appointment as usual, or get online during our scheduled walk-in hours.


Use Your Phone’s Browser

No Need to install anything, just use your iPhone or Android phone or tablet. Just make sure to use the correct browser for your phone. Safari, if you’re using iPhone, and Chrome for Android.


Click on the link to your provider

Just locate the name of your provider below and click the button a few minutes before your appointment, time and we’ll connect you directly to their virtual waiting room

Telemedicine Provider

Loren Marie, PA-C

Telemedicine Provider

Stephanie Kaiser, PA-C

Telemedicine Provider

Dr. Steven A. Davis, MD

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